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How To Mix And Match Earrings

Earrings were the earliest forms of jewelry. Earrings are a great way to spice up any look. It is important to know what earring is used where.
Dangle earrings, hoop earrings and stud earrings are the types of earrings that one can find.
Hop earrings are great when you need something to make a statement with and something more visible.
They work better with messy hairstyle. When pulling off a casual look or a classic one, hoop earrings are the perfect go to. Teardrop shaped hoops are good when one wants to elongate the facial features.
Post earrings contain a post as well as a backing enclosure. They apply in fancy occasions. They have features such as dangles or gemstones to make them more appealing.
studs are the most preferred earrings as compared and are very simple to accessorize. When one wants to avoid the weigh that comes with dangle earrings, it is a good option to choose studs.
Dangle earrings apply in fancy events and when you are aiming for pop and color.
Mixing and matching earrings is a current emerging trend. The trick is in knowing how to do the mixing and matching.
How to match and mix the earrings depends on the event or occasion, the outfit you are wearing, your own sense of style, simplicity, mismatching and current trends on mixing and matching.
The neckline is good indicator of how one will mix and match the earrings and the type of earrings to choose. The nature of the outfit also has a say in the same whether it is simple, plain or classy.
Statement earring pieces can be mixed and matched to be worn in big occasions while simple ones can apply to simple events.
One should make their own style of mixing and matching that suites them and their style. Comfort is assured when a person follows their style as doing it any other way would have a negative experience coming along with it.
Mismatching the earrings is a way one can achieve mixing and matching. Mismatching should not be done to the extent that it exceeds and becomes too much.
Accompanying jewelry and accessories should be simple so that the mixed and matched earrings can stand out.
How you do your hair will set the pace on how you will mix and match. What earrings you will use is set by what kind of hairstyle you have.
Following current trends for mixing and matching helps a lot in giving a clear picture on how it should be done. Seeking opinion from others also helps with this area.
One has to be very confident when trying out the new trend.